From shame to fame, my name is YOSAM a student from Kampala International University, Western campus. I joined Hope for youth organization in 2013 when I was in primary six. I immediately joined the school football team which I enjoyed so much because we used to train during lunch and evening time.

In 2014, I sat and passed well my primary leaving exams and because my parents could not afford to pay for my high education, Hope for Youth offered a helping hand, and I was able to go on to high school which changed my life. From that period up to now, Hope for Youth took over my academic life in terms of tuition and other essential requirements.

I am currently at Kampala University, Western campus pursuing a Bachelors course in medicine and I can now see my dreams come true. I am hopeful that one day, we the former students, shall work hand in hand with H4Y organization to establish an outstanding healthy facility to help our community with healthy services.

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