Empowered Through Education: Jackie's Journey with Hope for Youth

I am JACKIE, 19 years old and a proud girl child. I joined Hope for Youth in primary one when I was 9 years old. Basically, the issue of school fees was the main factor of my journey to Hope for Youth and since then, this organization has been catering for my school fees and every basic thing I needed.

I have grown up loving music and Hope for Youth has given me an opportunity to exercise my talent through the ALL STARS TALENT SHOW NETWORK, a group for Music, Dance and Drama. I am a proud girl because Hope for Youth has given me a chance of leadership in different projects like ALL STARS and in the “YOU MATTER” girls’ group. I feel my future is brighter because of the opportunities Hope for Youth creates for us and also teaching us the value of being hardworking as youths.

Am super grateful for the way Hope for Youth has supported me throughout my life.

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