Self-Sustenance Projects

Why this goal?

H4YU has the desire and determination to become an independent ongoing, viable and self-reliant organization. We manage a small poultry project, piggery, goats rearing and growing of fast-food crops and fruits for feeding students and staff. We have begun construction of a bakery to provide employment to some of our graduating students and meet the ever-growing administrative costs.

H4YU continues to enjoy significant growth since its inception, working in partnership with local community members, leaders and district authorities. We have mentored youth with creativity and social workshops, promoting cross cultural friendship and the spirit of togetherness amongst them.

HFYU Core Values

  • Being Selfless and Hard working
  • Proper Accountability of funds and other Resources
  • Love Children with Empathy
  • Glorify God
  • Willingness to work voluntarily.


A constitution is in place to guide members

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