Transformative Journey: Nurturing Dreams and Building Confidence at Hope for Youth

Whatever I am today, I owe it to HOPE FOR YOUTH.

I am Florence, a proud member of the Hope for youth Family. I joined this organization in 2009 while in primary one and my mom always tells me that bringing me to Hope for youth is one of the things she will never regret because it has groomed me into the person I am today.

My primary school life was fun because of the various activities I engaged myself in and one of my best, was the dancing group (ALL STARS TALENT SHOW NETWORK). Here we were helped to explore and develop our talents in terms of Music, Dance and Drama (MDD). I was so proud to be one of the best pupil in this group by then because this was my hobby and through it I managed to get sponsorship for my further studies.

When I joined high school, it got more super exciting because I joined more programs which included DSY (Development School for Youths). Here we would meet as senior student with our mentors and discuss different topics that helped us as youths. This was a great start for me as a young adult to learn to express myself  and exchange ideas about different topics.

Hope for Youth has built confidence in me and has given me a chance to exercise my leadership skills through taking on leadership roles in different programs like the “You Matter” girl’s group. I have also learned hands on skills like crocheting and tailoring.

Currently, I am pursuing a nursing course which is a dream come true because it was always my passion. and all great thanks to Hope for Youth because it has never given up on me for even a single day.

I call HOPE FOR YOUTH home not because it’s where I was born, but because it has mentored me and groomed me right from primary one up to the nurse am becoming. Thank you Hope for Youth for not giving up on me.

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