"You Matter” Girls Only Program

Why this goal?

The “You Matter” Girls Only program is designed to reach out to community girls and young mothers from a variety of backgrounds, focused on changing their lives for the better.

Empowering Girls And Mothers

We address a wide range of needs and interests of both the children and the surrounding community.  Young people are taught literacy and numeracy skills, nutrition, life skills, business marketing, and participate in sports, music and drama programs. The school provides a daily lunch for all students which, for many, is their only meal of the day. All this support empowers students to better their lives and those of their families and neighbours.

The program brings together teen schoolgirls and community young mothers to create a forum for participation and expression of their opinions. Discussion processes provide them with important learning experiences, while joining in activities that engage their bodies, talents and spiritual minds. The goal is to encourage them to be productive members of their community.

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