Youth Programs

The All-Stars Talent Program

The All-Stars Talent program fosters educational and emotional support, utilizing sports, music, dance and drama performances to empower youth and build confidence. The Development School for Youth offers leadership training, partnering with professionals and corporations who offer internship placements.

This is designed to provide educational and emotional support for young people. The program uses sport, music, dance and drama performances to create a forum for young people to tell stories, share experiences and build self-confidence. It acts as a mobilizing tool for identification of key local volunteers and a delivery mechanism for community health education and prevention strategies. Competitions among community villages and schools offer the opportunity to engage youth in activities that build their knowledge and skills to to keep themselves safe.

Development School for Youth (DSY)

This is a leadership skills training program for young people with desire to become leaders. The program looks to partner with corporate professionals and corporations to provide training experiences and internship placements for the DSY graduates

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